Nice to meet you!
I am Evy van Weelden. I am a fourth-year PhD candidate at the department of Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence of Tilburg University, located in the Netherlands. Previously I’ve completed two degrees:
Bachelor of Science:
(Neuro)psychology at Utrecht University
Judicium: cum laude
Master of Science:
Neuroscience & Cognition at Utrecht University
Research experience
During my Bachelor’s and Master’s, I have completed internships and research projects at the Experimental Psychopathology lab Utrecht, the Neurocognitive Development Lab Utrecht, the Wilhelmina’s Children Hospital in Utrecht (department of Neonatology), and the University of Melbourne (department of Biomedical Engineering).
Thanks to these projects and my supervisors, I’ve learned how to code in Matlab, how to work with EEG and other biosignals, and how to do statistical analyses (R, Matlab & SPSS), amongst many other things. And most importantly: it’s where my love for brain-computer interfacing and “tech” originated from.
Since the start of my PhD, I’ve completed a systematic review and the data collection of four experimental studies. I was awarded a scholarship by the Dr. Catharine van Tussenbroek Fonds to pursue a research project at ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse, France. Currently, I am currently working on multiple manuscripts and data analyses. You can find a list of my publications here.
Spare time
I am a proud dog-mom of Axel the dalmatian. Outside of “work-hours”, I like to go running & cani-crossing. I also enjoy watching horror and sci-fi movies, and reading thriller books. Recommendations are always welcome.  
Games I like: Duolingo, the Sims 2/4 (on Windows), Killer Frequency (PS5).
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